Leaves and Clouds

Leaves and clouds shop was founded and launched in March 2018 by
Marie Lopez. She designs products that fits her universe with a selection
of simple but yet stylish products.

Leaves and clouds wants to offer a wide range of decorative items and
lifestyle products which are both practical and aesthetically appealing.
We get our inspiration from the fauna and flora theme, to offer you
exclusive designs that reflect the beauty of nature. The desire to be
closer to nature transpires through the choices we make in selecting the
material we use and the same applies to external providers we work

Our trademark as Leaves and Clouds is to select, as far as we can, local
players. One of our priorities is to check the origin of our products and
materials (we only prioritize European and Made in France products). 
We always promote fair trade so that we can offer you good quality at an
affordable price, so that everyone can benefit.

We have new arrivals every month.

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